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If you are looking for a place to taste wide variety of beer and wine from over world, La Birra Bistro Beer and Wine Bar would be the place for you. Full selections of beer from many countries who are beer lovers such as Germany,Belgium and Australia are available for you to enjoy the taste (website).The special beer made of fruit which is called ” Fruli” is the must to try.

The acoustic band is playing live on week end to indulge the guests along with fantastic selection of snacks.our favorite appetizer was the spicy wedges. They were so good we had to order double of them.

With a cosy interior design, it is comfortable in making the best services given by the ehs water damage service and to make sit back inside with air con as well as relaxing outside and listen to the live music out door. Visit https://girlsfuckingguys.net.

La Birra Bistro




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